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Detective Naani

Detective Naani Preview
It's a regular day at Gulmohar complex and 75 year old Naani is on her way back home after the daily morning walk. Suddenly her eyes catch the nervous face of a little girl peeping from a 3rd floor window. The flat belongs to a newly arrived childless couple. The child disappears quickly and Naani's intrigue about the kid leads her to a possible murder.

But the CID dismisses her story due to lack of solid evidence and she starts investigation in her own ways;her eccentric methods of investigation causing a lot of humorous incidents. She gets help from an unusual team of deputies consisting of her 2 inquisitive little grandchildren, her divorced daughter and a couple of teenagers. Also she gets a little help from the CID inspector.

Naani's investigation leads her to a racket with a powerful leader and ruthless criminals and she finds herself sharing the plight of the little girl. How the strange team of detectives handle the situation forms the plot of Detective Naani.
Detective Naani Trailer
Detective Naani Cast & Crew
Director : Romilla Mukherjee
Music Director : Jolly Mukherjee, Romilla Mukherjee
Lead Star : Ava Mukherjee
Detective Naani Cast : Zain Khan
Simran Singh
Shweta Gulati
Amit Varma
Amrita Saluja
Ankur Nayyar
Hemu Adhikari
Release Date
Detective Naani Release Date : May 22, 2009
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